Wholesale And Veterinary Clinics
Wholesale And Veterinary Clinics

Allivet Wholesale And Veterinary Clinics

Allivet is a licensed prescription drugs pharmacy. We have been in the business of providing pet medications, farm and ranch supplies, and veterinary supplies for more than 20-years, and we have a client base made of both domestic and international customers.

We supply everything from prescription, non-prescription medication for farm and companion animals, pet medication, pet Flea control, pet vitamins, veterinarian diagnostic devices, equine supplements & medications, equine performance products, equine vaccines, and much more at Allivet.com. Learn more about Allivet

Wholesale, shelters, government, and veterinary clinics accounts can setup an account with us to order supplies in bulk and at a discounted prices.

Setting up an account is easy. Call 1 (877) 500-9944 for more information.

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